About Us

Toni Arthur-Hay
Many years of studying and appreciating art have finally led to putting brush on canvas. My work is mainly in oils with some collage and mixed media. My style could be called abstract expressionism. The vibrant interplay of colours, coupled with a desire to express the joy and inner intensity of thought and paint together, interest and inspire me. Previously I worked as a television presenter, playwright and theatre director.

Isobel Bartholomew
A teacher and botanical artist for 28 years, Isobel regularly exhibits in the UK; has worked with specialist flower societies and been awarded RHS medals on 9 occasions. She has work published in several books, the RHS Lindley Library and the Highgrove Florilegium. She loves to teach and runs courses locally and abroad.

Founder of Iceni Botanical Artists

Nigel Dickerson

Patsy Hood
I paint in watercolour mainly and enjoy life drawing in pencil and charcoal. I have recently put these 2 things together (Life and Watercolour), a natural progression. I love colour and the unpredictable flow of watercolour and paint landscape and figures and although not botanical I enjoy painting the more dramatic flowers in my own way.

Frank Logan

Sheila O'Brien
My first love is for watercolour and I love to experiment with new ideas and textures. Depending on the subject matter I will often add pen and ink to enhance my watercolour. Over the past year I have entered the world of coloured pencils and am amazed at the depth of colour achieved with them. I will have a go at any subject but am mainly drawn to nature and the plant world.

Hilary Sherrington

Anne Wormack
I have a passion for flowers and the natural world which I hope reflects in my artwork. I attempt to capture the essence of my subject in watercolour but I am also experimenting with pastels. I work from life, sketches and my own photographs. I often make a realistic study first and then paint an impression of my subject once I have the feel for it. I'm influenced by many artists including Matisse, William Morris, Hokusai and so on!